Reclaim a Reliable

R3 Retirement Educators is a network of financial professionals who are looking to better your retirement plan.

We partner with these professionals to deliver educational retirement workshops.

Our main goal is to equip you with all of the tools and knowledge you need to be successful. We care so passionately about your retirement that all of our speaker’s workshops are completely free to attend. Join us at one of our educational retirement workshops to learn how to get the most out of your retirement. If you find you want additional help, our financial professionals can craft a customized plan and walk you through every step of the financial planning process.

tools to reclaim your retirement

In three easy steps


The more information that you learn about retirement, the more well equipped you will become. We’ll help you take hold of your future.


Our financial professionals are among the best in the business. We only partner with people who have proven to be worthwhile for their clients.


We will never leave you when you need help. Our financial professionals can help to craft unique and efficient plans for you.

What You Can Expect

About us

Our three ‘R’s stand for Resourceful, Reliable, and Reassuring. Planning for retirement can be stressful, however, we want to fight for your plans. We win when we help to create a more certain future for you. Your retirement should be as relaxing and simple as possible, our free educational retirement workshops will get you there.

Learn Ways to Minimize Risk with Your Retirement

and keep your money safe in an unpredictable market

Learn how to Reduce Taxes

that you may owe on your 401K/IRA

Learn what an RMD is

and what happens before and after taking it

Understand Retirement Income Planning

and how to maximize your benefits

Our Power in The Media

Our speakers have been highlighted in the following magazines and news sources. 

R3 only works with financial experts of the highest caliber.