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Information is power. The more you know about your retirement, the more secure you can be about your future.


Our standards are high. We partner only with the most respected and prolific financial educators.


56 % of Americans lose sleep thinking about retirement. R3 Retirement Educators is here to bring you peace of mind.

About R3 Retirement Educators

R3 Retirement Educators is a network of people who partner with the nation’s top financial experts to put on educational retirement workshops. Our team has a heart for ensuring people enter into retirement successfully, and without stress that the future is unreliable.

The financial professionals we collaborate with are the nation’s top specialists in educating people on the complicated process of retirement. Our team is dedicated to helping people achieve the retirement they have always imagined. Our seminars are always free events, and dedicated to coaching people to the retirement they have always imagined.


In The Media

Our speakers are each respected experts in their field and have appeared in the following magazines and news sources. R3 Retirement Educators work with the those among the highest caliber of financial experts.

Our educational seminars

What You Can Expect

Learn Ways to Minimize Risk with Your Retirement

and keep your money safe in an unpredictable market

Learn how to Reduce Taxes

that you may owe on your 401K/IRA

Learn what an RMD is

and what happens before and after taking it

Understand Retirement Income Planning

and how to maximize your benefits

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