R3 Retirement Educators

Our three ‘R’s stand for Resourceful, Reliable, and Reassuring

Our seminars are always free, always educational, and always hosted by a certified financial educator. Contact us for information on events happening in your area, and help us lower the percentage of Americans who are unprepared for retirement.


what does R3 stand for?

Planning for retirement can be stressful, however, we want to fight for your plans. We win when we help to create a more certain future for you. Your retirement should be as relaxing and simple as possible, our free educational retirement workshops will get you there.


Information is power. The more you know about your retirement, the more secure you can be about your future. Our speakers come from all over the nation as the best in their field to educate those entering into retirement. If you have a question about your retirement in 2019, they have the answer.


We know the importance of reliability; that’s why all of our speakers are certified financial agents with years of experience. These professionals have proven that they will not let you down and will work hard to secure a retirement that you can be proud of. Don’t worry about researching any of their credentials, we’ve done all of the research so that you do not have to.


We know that peace of mind is difficult to achieve while transitioning into retirement. However, we believe at R3 that the more knowledge we can provide you with, the better. Our financial professionals don’t want to just give you a run of the mill financial plan to follow, they want to work with you to handle all concerns that may come up during this process.